HMEC - Distributor/Agent Policy
Welcome to be a distributor or agent of HMEC
  World Class Products + Much More Reasonable Price = HMEC Distributor / Agent.

Thanks for your interest in being a member of HMEC's Industrial Solutions Network, or if you just want to know the information of our distributor or agent in your area, please feel free to email us at

While exporting our products to many countries, HMEC keeps in looking for agents for our following brands all over the world:
3 bearing & transmission brands: HMEC® OB, PTCN, SLEWER Slewing System
2 Auto Parts brands: HMEC® AUTONIO Auto Parts and ALTSTR Electrics

What you have to meet our requirements acting as our agent are:
1. Your company has engaged in the exact business for at least three years;
2. You have enjoined a finer reputation in the field based on your successfully history;
3. Enough technicians and engineers which assure you to handle the sales, installation, maintenance without difficulties;
4. The nation-wide or the region-wide sale’s web has been established so far;
5. You have acted before, or have been acting as a sale agent for world-wide famous producers whose quality is same as ours but price is higher than ours.

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